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Providing Broad Selection of Highly Specialized Science Based Therapeutic Natural Medicine, As Well As Biomedical Tests & Consulting Services Has Brought Choice of Better Health to All of Our Clients and That Has Made Us Different From Many Others.

Our Believes:

At Sunhills Health,we believe prevention is the best medicine and improving health is possible through natural medicine when selected correctly at effective dosage, made with science based high quality ingredients, and used via advice of health care practitioners who consider all aspects of your health including body, mind, and emotions.

Our Service & Practice:

Sunhills Health is a American company with specialized natural health dispensary and other great biomedical services such as specialty tests for hormones, food sensitivities, nutritional deficiencies, and clinical consulting provided by practitioners in the fields of natural medicine with Canadian qualification. Health Palace clients access not only to effective high quality natural medicines and supplements, but they also will be able to count on unbiased professional advice according to their health conditions and necessities in a personalized and confidential manner.

Sunhills Health clients can always be confident that all items and information presented at are sourced only and directly from the maker of the products or their approved supplier/s worldwide. is trusted and qualified by the highly reputed brands of the natural health products and works closely with them to bring you top quality products, services, and updates.

Sunhills Health online professional selection of natural medicines and supplement assessment services are available for the convenience of each and every one of our customers providing everyone a choice for a better health. At the same time, we would like to remind our customers we strongly believe that they should never ignore medical advice from healthcare professional or delay in seeking such advice because of accessibility to this service and information obtained from this site.

We are happy to offer variety selection of advanced and innovative health supplements. Our selection features a wide range of specialized natural medicines at reasonable prices. This is an opportunity for our clients often using different or combination of different supplements to find everything in one spot. Also; our practitioners are not restricted to limited items from one or two brads. Therefore; the best and unbiased recommendation and service has been offered to our patients.

Our Standards:

At Sunhills Health we do not represent any brands, and will not knowingly sell any food or supplement containing some ingredients such as:

Artificial preservatives, flavours or Food, Drug, artificial sweeteners, refined sugar, Hydrogenated oils, Mineral oil, GMO food items or supplements driven from such sources. Farmed fish oils and omega 3 fatty acids which they are not high Standard (pharmaceutical grade or IFOS approved) and certified for purity. Any supplement containing harmful non medicinal ingredients and or binders and fillers which can reduce the efficacy and absorption of the products by 80 %!. Any product which is made from ingredients extracted by harmful solvents commonly used by manufacturers to make their supplements.

Knowledgeable and certified practitioners in our team constantly review the products and those products which do not meet the certain quality assurance and standards will not be stocked; and those brands starting to compromise the quality of their products will be taken off immediately. At the same time we up to date the products according to newer technology and researches.

Even though, there are many different types of natural supplements and body care products on the market, only some have been made with better and higher qualifications, standards and effective formulations to be determined by our experienced and educated staff in this matter.

Most of the vitamin, herbal, and dietary supplements offered at Sunhills Health are available only from Physicians, Naturopaths, Homeopaths, or other licensed healthcare providers. Many health care professionals and their patients rely on only specific brands because among thousands of the formulas only some have been manufactured with the highest standards to maintain quality, consistency, and effectiveness of each and every product through extensive research. Health Palace maintains carrying the highly reputed and effective brand-name natural, botanical and Homeopathic products.

At sunhills Health realize that there are many other brands often recommended by Natural Health Practitioners; however, if those brands do not comply with Pharmaceutical regulations, they will be considered illegal in worldwide and Sunhills Health does not support such practice.

For questions and doubts about a certain brand or why a product has been recommended to you by a practitioner, please refer to your practitioner; or, we will be happy to assist you further only when you are our patient or have made an appointment with our practitioner.

We understand many of our clients have been referred to us by their practitioners or other clients. At SunHills Health we would like to thank our colleagues and clients for their care and support.

Thank you;